What You Get with AvatArt:

  • Unique (1 of 1), original artwork.
  • One person's creative project, not a corporate money-grab.
  • Doxxed NFT artist/founder.
  • NFT artwork images are stored on IPFS.
  • Allowlist FREEMINT

What You Don't Get

  • No confusing "whitepaper".
  • No whimsical back story about the artwork.
  • No extravagant promises of future metaverse integration.
  • No hyped-up claims about utility.
  • No paid celebrity endorsements.

Our Mission:

  • Bring more art, beauty, and creativity to the NFT scene.
  • Bring more truth and honesty to NFT marketing and promotion.
  • Bring less noise, hype, greed, and deception to the NFT marketplace.

AvatArt Club Membership Benefits...

  • Mint NFTs from collections that have been released.
  • Advance notification of upcoming NFT releases.
  • Allowlisting and pre-sale pricing on new NFTs.
  • Any future air-drops and other member rewards.
  • Education and news about NFTs and crypto.