AvatArt Studios

Public Mint Started July 25, 2022.


Classics Unique. Original. Artwork.

AvatArt Classics NFTs are on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. The underlying artwork images are stored on IPFS. You must connect your MetaMask or Coinbase wallet, in order to mint AvatArt. Public Mint limit = 2 per transaction and per account. Thank you. We appreciate your support.

AvatArt Club

AvatArt Classics is a collection of 50 classic portraits recreated in 25 art styles. This collection pays tribute to mankind's greatest artists and their most famous portraits.

This is completely different from the "generative" process used by all the apes, punks, cats, dogs, birds, bears, pandas, frogs, warriors, aliens, robots, dragons, goblins, unicorns, and so on. It produces NFTs that are unusual, attractive, and distinctive. Our goal is to inject more beauty and creativity into the NFT space. And, we promise not to over-hype or make exaggerated claims to market our artwork. Make an artistic statement while protecting your privacy. Use AvatArt, instead of a selfie, for your online profile pictures and avatars.

What You Get with AvatArt:

  • Unique (1 of 1), original artwork.
  • One person's creative project, not a corporate money-grab.
  • Doxxed NFT artist/founder.
  • NFT artwork images are stored on IPFS.
  • Allowlist FREEMINT

What You Don't Get

  • No confusing "whitepaper".
  • No whimsical back story about the artwork.
  • No extravagant promises of future metaverse integration.
  • No hyped-up claims about utility.
  • No paid celebrity endorsements.

Our Mission:

  • Bring more art, beauty, and creativity to the NFT scene.
  • Bring more truth and honesty to NFT marketing and promotion.
  • Bring less noise, hype, greed, and deception to the NFT marketplace.

AvatArt Club Membership Benefits...

  • Mint NFTs from collections that have been released.
  • Advance notification of upcoming NFT releases.
  • Allowlisting and pre-sale pricing on new NFTs.
  • Any future air-drops and other member rewards.
  • Education and news about NFTs and crypto.

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